FIA Hypercar-Weltmeisterschaft – Fahrerwertung

1B. HartleyToyota Gazoo Racing2DNF1p212p149
1S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing2DNF1p212p149
1R. HirakawaToyota Gazoo Racing2DNF1p212p149
2A. NegrãoAlpine Elf Matmut1p24133144
2N. LapierreAlpine Elf Matmut1p24133144
2M. VaxiviereAlpine Elf Matmut1p24133144
3M. ConwayToyota Gazoo RacingDNF1232p1133
3K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo RacingDNF1232p1133
3J. M. LópezToyota Gazoo RacingDNF1232p1133
4R. DumasGlickenhaus Racing33p3DNFp70
4O. PlaGlickenhaus Racing33p3DNFp70
5L. F. DeraniGlickenhaus Racing 3p3DNFp47
6L. DuvalPeugeot TotalEnergies45440
6G. MenezesPeugeot TotalEnergies45440
6N. MüllerPeugeot TotalEnergies45440
7R. BriscoeGlickenhaus Racing323
8J. RossiterPeugeot TotalEnergies4522
9P. di RestaPeugeot TotalEnergiesDNF4DNF12
9M. JensenPeugeot TotalEnergiesDNF4DNF12
9J.-E. VergnePeugeot TotalEnergiesDNF4DNF12
1M. ConwayToyota Gazoo Racing3p21p1p12p173
1K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo Racing3p21p1p12p173
1J. M. LópezToyota Gazoo Racing3p21p1p12p173
2B. HartleyToyota Gazoo Racing11422p1168
2S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing11422p1168
2K. NakajimaToyota Gazoo Racing11422p1168
3A. NegrãoAlpine Elf Matmut23p2333128
3N. LapierreAlpine Elf Matmut23p2333128
3M. VaxiviereAlpine Elf Matmut23p2333128
4R. WestbrookGlickenhaus Racing43553
4R. DumasGlickenhaus Racing43553
5F. MailleuxGlickenhaus Racing3439
6R. BriscoeGlickenhaus Racing4DNF538
7L. DeraniGlickenhaus RacingDNF424
7O. PlaGlickenhaus Racing424
8G. MenezesGlickenhaus RacingDNF0

The 2019/20 FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Championship is open to all full-season drivers in the LMP1 and LMP2 classes.

1M. ConwayToyota Gazoo Racing1p231313p1p207
1K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo Racing1p231313p1p207
1J. M. LópezToyota Gazoo Racing1p231313p1p207
2B. HartleyToyota Gazoo Racing21p222212202
2S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing21p222212202
2K. NakajimaToyota Gazoo Racing21p222212202
3B. SennaRebellion Racing931p3p1p3p2145
3G. MenezesRebellion Racing931p3p1p3p2145
3N. NatoRebellion Racing931p3p1p3p2145
4F. AlbuquerqueUnited AutosportsDNF684444690
4P. HansonUnited AutosportsDNF684444690
5P. di RestaUnited AutosportsDNF84444682
6A. F. da CostaJOTA8DSQ65675479
6R. GonzalezJOTA8DSQ65675479
7A. DavidsonJOTADSQ65675475
8H.-P. TungJackie Chan DC Racing757659DSQ369
8W. StevensJackie Chan DC Racing757659DSQ369
9G. AubryJackie Chan DC Racing75765DSQ367
10G. van der GardeRacing Team Nederland64108869558
10F. van EerdRacing Team Nederland64108869558
11A. NegrãoSignatech Alpine ELF510979DNF6749
11P. RaguesSignatech Alpine ELF510979DNF6749
11T. LaurentSignatech Alpine ELF510979DNF6749
12A. BorgaCool Racing48DNF975747
12N. LapierreCool Racing48DNF975747
13N. de VriesRacing Team Nederland410889542
14A. CoignyCool Racing8DNF975735
15B. HanleyTeam LNT3114DNF27,5
15E. OrudzhevTeam LNT311427,5
16C. RobertsonTeam LNT395DNF27
17A. BelicchiCetilar Racing101212111188821,5
17G. SernagiottoCetilar Racing101212111188821,5
17R. LacorteCetilar Racing101212111188821,5
18J. van UitertRacing Team Nederland6616
19G. SmithTeam LNT1295DNF12,5
19M. SimpsonTeam LNT1295DNF12,5
20J. KingTeam LNT4DNF12
21A. FjordbachHigh Class Racing11711101010DNF11
21K. YamashitaHigh Class Racing11711101010DNF11
21M. PattersonHigh Class Racing11711101010DNF11
22O. JarvisTeam LNT/
United Autosports
23R. CullenJackie Chan DC Racing92
24L. GhiottoTeam LNT110,5
25C. DysonTeam LNTDNF0

Fernando Alonso, Sébastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima became FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Champions in the monster 2018/19 Super Season. A mid-season charge by teammates José María López, Mike Conway and Kamui Kobayashi closed the gap heading into 2019, but the #8 crew finished the season strongly with wins in Spa and Le Mans.

Buemi became a two-time FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Champion, Nakajima the first Japanese driver to win an FIA World Championship in any discipline and Alonso the first man to win both the F1 World Drivers‘ Championship and the drivers‘ championship in the World Endurance Championship or World Sportscar Championship.

1F. AlonsoToyota Gazoo Racing1p1pDSQ2p21p11198
1S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing1p1pDSQ2p21p11198
1K. NakajimaToyota Gazoo Racing1p1pDSQ2p21p11198
2M. ConwayToyota Gazoo Racing22DSQp11p26p2p157
2K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo Racing22DSQp11p26p2p157
2J. M. LópezToyota Gazoo Racing22DSQp11p26p2p157
3T. LaurentRebellion Racing331DNF5725114
3G. MenezesRebellion Racing331DNF5725114
4M. AleshinSMP Racing5DNFDNF4333394
4V. PetrovSMP Racing5DNFDNF4333394
5N. JaniRebellion RacingDSQ4234DNF5491
5A. LottererRebellion RacingDSQ42345491
6M. BecheRebellion Racing331DNF5DNF 73
6B. SennaRebellion RacingDSQ434DNF5473
7N. LapierreSignatech Alpine Matmut7568958664
7A. NegrãoSignatech Alpine Matmut7568958664
7P. ThirietSignatech Alpine Matmut7568958664
8G. AubryJackie Chan DC Racing68477109751
8S. RichelmiJackie Chan DC Racing68477109751
8H.-P. TungJackie Chan DC Racing68477109751
8N. BerthonDragonSpeed / Rebellion Racing10772551
9S. VandoorneSMP Racing3338
10R. GonzalezDragonSpeed107711867DNF36,5
10P. MaldonadoDragonSpeed107711867DNF36,5
11J. JaafarJackie Chan DC Racing86561035
11N. JeffriJackie Chan DC Racing86561035
11W. TanJackie Chan DC Racing86561035
12J. ButtonSMP RacingDNFDNF4327
13A. DavidsonDragonSpeed71186726,5
14T. DillmannBykolles Racing Team4DNF5DNF14DNF22,5
14O. WebbBykolles Racing Team4DNFDNF5DNF14DMF22,5
15B. HartleySMP Racing319
16F. PerrodoTDS Racing9DSQ79DNFDNF10817
16M. VaxivièreTDS Racing9DSQ79DNFDNF10817
17D. Heinemeier-HanssonJackie Chan DC Racing412DNF15
17J. KingJackie Chan DC Racing412DNF15
17W. StevensJackie Chan DC Racing41215
18E. CreedLarbre Competition111091012813914,5
18R. RicciLarbre Competition111091012813914,5
19G. van der GardeRacing Team Nederland129812119111014
19F. van EerdRacing Team Nederland129812119111014
19L. DuvalTDS Racing9DSQ7DNFDNF814
20D. KraihamerBykolles Racing Team4DNF12
20S. SirotkinSMP RacingDNF4DNF12
21N. de VriesRacing Team Nederland812119111010,5
22J. RossiterBykolles Racing Team5DNF10
23B. HanleyDragonSpeedDNSDNF11DNF6DNFDNF8,5
23R. van der ZandeDragonSpeedDNF11DNF6DNFDNF8,5
24J. AllenDragonSpeedDNF68
25G. JeannetteLarbre Competition85
26J. LammersRacing Team Nederland1293,5
26N. BoulleLarbre Competition1393,5
27Y. MoriLarbre Competition92
27J.E. VergneTDS Racing92
27T. DagoneauLarbre Competition102
28K. IharaLarbre Competition101
28C. RobertsonCEFC TRSM ManorDNS111
28L. RousselCEFC TRSM ManorDNS111
28M. SimpsonCEFC TRSM ManorDNS111
28N. NatoTDS Racing101
29J. CanalLarbre Competition110,5
29H. HedmanDragonSpeedDNF11DNFDNF0,5
29E. GuibbertLarbre Competition120,5
29P. RubertiBykolles Racing Team14DNF0,5
30M. IsaakyanSMP RacingDNFDNFDNFDNF0
30O. RowlandCEFC TRSM ManorDNSDNF0
30A. BrundleCEFC TRSM ManorDNSDNF0
30P. FittipaldiDragonSpeedDNS0
30R. BinderBykolles Racing TeamDNF0
30R. TaylorJackie Chan DC RacingDNF0

Timo Bernhard and Brendon Hartley became two-time FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Champions after an outstanding season in Porsche’s final year racing the 919 Hybrid. Four wins in the middle of the season saw the trio take the title by 25 points ahead of Toyota drivers Sébastien Buemi, Anthony Davidson and Kazuki Nakajima.

1B. HartleyPorsche LMP Team23111p14p22208
1E. BamberPorsche LMP Team23111p14p22208
1T. BernhardPorsche LMP Team23111p14p22208
2K. NakajimaToyota Gazoo Racing116433111183
2S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing116433111183
3A. DavidsonToyota Gazoo Racing11643111168
4A. LottererPorsche LMP Team34pR222p333p129
4N. JaniPorsche LMP Team34pR222p333p129
4N. TandyPorsche LMP Team34pR222p333p129
5M. ConwayToyota Gazoo Racing13p2Rp3p4424p4103.5
5K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo Racing13p2Rp3p4424p4103.5
6J. M. LopezToyota Gazoo Racing13pR3p4424p484.5
7O. JarvisJackie Chan DC Racing492513878682.5
7H.-P- TungJackie Chan DC Racing492513878682.5
7T. LaurentJackie Chan DC Racing492513878682.5
8B. SennaVaillante Rebellion58865755576
8J. CanalVaillante Rebellion58865755576
9N. ProstVaillante Rebellion5885755568
10A. NegrãoSignatech Alpine Matmut124R6566862.5
9G. MenezesSignatech Alpine Matmut711776566862.5
10N. LapierreSignatech Alpine Matmut / Toyota Gazoo Racing75R76566860
11A. BrundleJackie Chan DC Racing111639109NC121237
11D. ChengJackie Chan DC Racing111639109NC121237
11T. GommendyJackie Chan DC Racing111639109NC121237
12M. RaoSignatech Alpine Matmut / CEFC Manor TRS Racing711777109131035
13J.-E. VergneCEFC Manor TRS Racing91357109131033
14D. Heinemeier HanssonVaillante Rebellion1210DSQ896DSQ7727.5
14M. BecheVaillante Rebellion1210DSQ896DSQ7727.5
15S. SarrazinToyota Gazoo Racing5Rp326
16P. RaguesSignatech Alpine Matmut124R24.5
16N. PanciaticiSignatech Alpine Matmut124R24.5
17N. Piquet Jr.Vaillante Rebellion1210DSQ96DSQ7723.5
18J. HirschiCEFC Manor TRS Racing91351323
18T. GravesCEFC Manor TRS Racing91351323
19R. RusinovG-Drive Racing87R1081210111117.5
20P. ThirietG-Drive Racing87R108121016.5
21E. CollardTDS Racing615R1211118101315.5
21F. PerrodoTDS Racing615R1211118101315.5
20M. VaxivièreTDS Racing6R1211118101315
21A. LynnG-Drive Racing87R81214.5
22R. DumasSignatech Alpine Matmut11712.5
23B. HanleyTDS Racing / G-Drive Racing / CEFC Manor TRS Racing15107109131012
24Y. KunimotoToyota Gazoo Racing5R10
25J. RossiterBykolles Racing Team / G-Drive RacingR6R109
23D. KraihamerBykolles Racing TeamR6R148.5
23O. WebbBykolles Racing TeamR6R148.5
24F. AlbuquerqueVaillante Rebellion68
25S. TrummerCEFC Manor TRS Racing1014R1112R11997
25R. GonzalezCEFC Manor TRS Racing1014R1112R11997
25V. PetrovCEFC Manor TRS Racing1014R1112R11997
26L.-F. DeraniVaillante Rebellion84
26M. RojasG-Drive Racing94
26R. HirakawaG-Drive Racing94
26J. GutierrezG-Drive Racing94
27L. RousselG-Drive Racing11111
28R. MerhiCEFC Manor TRS Racing130.5
28N. MüllerG-Drive Racing110.5
28L. DuvalG-Drive Racing110.5
28M. BonanomiBykolles Racing Team140.5

Porsche drivers secured the FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Championship for the second season in succession, although Marc Lieb, Neel Jani and Romain Dumas only recorded two race wins all season and didn’t finish on the podium at all after the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

1M. LiebPorsche Team121p444546160
1N. JaniPorsche Team121p444546160
1R. DumasPorsche Team121p444546160
2O. JarvisAudi Sport Team JoestR13215p22p51p147.5
2L. di GrassiAudi Sport Team JoestR13215p22p51p147.5
2L. DuvalAudi Sport Team JoestR13215p22p51p147.5
3M. ConwayToyota Gazoo Racing2R2633125145
3S. SarrazinToyota Gazoo Racing2R2633125145
3K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo Racing2R2633125145
4M. WebberPorsche TeamR16p1011131p3134.5
4B. HartleyPorsche TeamR16p1011131p3134.5
4T. BernhardPorsche TeamR16p1011131p3134.5
5A. LottererAudi Sport Team JoestEXp543p26pR62104
5M. FässlerAudi Sport Team JoestEXp543p26pR62104
6B. TréluyerAudi Sport Team JoestEXp546pR6270
7D. KraihamerRebellion Racing33R757617766.5
7A. ImperatoriRebellion Racing33R757617766.5
7M. TuscherRebellion Racing33R757617766.5
8S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing1617NC5R543460
8K. NakajimaToyota Gazoo Racing1617NC5R543460
8A. DavidsonToyota Gazoo Racing1617NC5R543460
9G. MenezesSignatech-Alpine8758789111147
9N. LapierreSignatech-Alpine8758789111147
9S. RichelmiSignatech-Alpine8758789111147
10R. RusinovG-Drive Racing7116R121078936
11F. AlbuquerqueRGR Sport by Morand510119698101030
11B. SennaRGR Sport by Morand510119698101030
11R. GonzálezRGR Sport by Morand510119698101030
12W. StevensManor / G-Drive RacingR1467826.5
13R. RastG-Drive Racing7116R1210926
14N. HeidfeldRebellion Racing44131725.5
14N. ProstRebellion Racing44131725.5
15N. Piquet Jr.Rebellion Racing441325
16L.F. DeraniExtreme Speed Motorsports68141081311121220
16R. DalzielExtreme Speed Motorsports68141081311121220
16C. CummingExtreme Speed Motorsports68141081311121220
17O. WebbByKolles Racing Team14621117819.5
17S. TrummerByKolles Racing Team14621117819.5
18K. LadyginSMP Racing1215713R1416141615.5
18V. ShaitarSMP Racing1215713R1416141615.5
18V. PetrovSMP Racing1215713R1416141615.5
19A. BrundleG-Drive RacingR121078913.5
20J. KaneStrakka Racing9R8119R1213
21N. LeventisStrakka Racing9R8119R12.5
22P. KafferByKolles Racing TeamRR217810.5
23D. WattsStrakka Racing9R810
24J. RossiterByKolles Racing Team1468.5
25M. MedianiSMP Racing15R91511121413177.5
25N. MinassianSMP Racing15R91511121413177.5
26N. BerthonG-Drive Racing7116.5
27M. AleshinSMP Racing91413175.5
28M. RaoManor109RRRR1316184.5
28R. BradleyManor109RRR1316184.5
29R. MerhiManor109RRR13154
30D. ChengBaxi DC Racing Alpine11RR1411161515143.5
30H. TungBaxi DC Racing Alpine11RR1411161515143.5
30S. GelaelExtreme Speed Motorsports109133.5
30E. BrownExtreme Speed Motorsports1313121613153.5
30J. van OverbeekExtreme Speed Motorsports1313121613153.5
30S. SharpExtreme Speed Motorsports1313121613153.5
31L. WilliamsonStrakka Racing119R123
31A. GiovinazziExtreme Speed Motorsports1093
32N. PanciaticiBaxi DC Racing Alpine11RR1411162
32T. BlomqvistExtreme Speed Motorsports92
32G. van der GardeExtreme Speed Motorsports / G-Drive Racing12NC10132
33T. GravesManorR14R1217R1.5
33A. LynnManor1716181.5
33P.-L. ChatinBaxi DC Racing Alpine1515141.5
34J. DennisG-Drive Racing12NC0.5
34J. JakesManorR140.5
34S. DolanG-Drive Racing12NC0.5
34A. PizzoniaManor120.5
34M. BecheRebellion Racing / Manor17R0.5
34M. HowsonManor120.5
34S. NakanoManor170.5
34J. CanalManor150.5
34R. GonzalezManorR150.5
34T. DillmannExtreme Speed Motorsports130.5
35A. GuerraManorR0
35D. MarkozovSMP RacingR0

Four victories in succession gave Mark Webber, Brendon Hartley and Timo Bernhard the title by just five points ahead of Audi drivers Lotterer, Tréyuler and Fässler. The championship went down to the wire in Bahrain.

1T. BernhardPorsche TeamRp3p2111p1p5p166
1M. WebberPorsche TeamRp3p2111p1p5p166
1B. HartleyPorsche TeamRp3p2111p1p5p166
2A. LottererAudi Sport Team Joest11332332161
2M. FässlerAudi Sport Team Joest11332332161
2B TréluyerAudi Sport Team Joest11332332161
3M. LiebPorsche Team225p2p12p221138.5
3R. DumasPorsche Team225p2p12p221138.5
3N. JaniPorsche Team225p2p12p221138.5
4L. DuvalAudi Sport Team Joest5744344699
4L. di GrassiAudi Sport Team Joest5744344699
4O. JarvisAudi Sport Team Joest5744344699
5A. DavidsonToyota Racing3885456479
5S. BuemiToyota Racing3885456479
6A. WurzToyota Racing4566R65379
6M. ConwayToyota Racing4566R65379
6S. SarrazinToyota Racing4566R65379
7K. NakajimaToyota Racing3WD85456475
8N. TandyKCMG / Porsche Team9617R11870.5
9E. BamberPorsche Team.6158
9N. HülkenbergPorsche Team.6158
10R. RusinovG-Drive Racing6171085910733.5
10J. CanalG-Drive Racing6171085910733.5
10S. BirdG-Drive Racing6171085910733.5
11M. HowsonKCMG911976R11825
11R. BradleyKCMG911976R11825
12F. AlbuquerqueAudi Sport Team Joest4724
12M. BonanomiAudi Sport Team Joest4724
12R. RastAudi Sport Team Joest4724
13G. YacamanG-Drive Racing79119711R919.5
13L.-F. DeraniG-Drive Racing79119711R919.5
13R. GonzalezG-Drive Racing79119711R919.5
14M. BecheRebellion Racing141615771314.5
14N. ProstRebellion Racing141615771314.5
15P. KafferTeam ByKollesEX158881213
15S. TrummerTeam ByKollesRREX158881213
16N. LapierreKCMG129612.5
17D. WattsStrakka Racing813R13131414147
17J. KaneStrakka Racing813R13131414147
17N. LeventisStrakka Racing813R13131414147
18N. PanciaticiSignatech AlpineR12R1111109105.5
18P.-L. ChatinSignatech AlpineR12R1111109105.5
19D. Heinemeier HanssonExtreme Speed MotorsportsEX161512912R165
19R. DalzielExtreme Speed MotorsportsEX161512912R165
19S. SharpExtreme Speed MotorsportsEX161512912R165
20O. WebbTeam SARD Morand10R10101312154.5
20P. RaguesTeam SARD Morand10R10101312154.5
21E. BrownExtreme Speed Motorsports11151214R1513174
21J. FogartyExtreme Speed Motorsports11151214R1513174
22J. van OverbeekExtreme Speed Motorsports151214R1513173.5
23T. DillmannSignatech Alpine9103
24E. MarisOAK Racing1014162.5
24J. NicoletOAK Racing1014162.5
24J. MerlinOAK Racing1014162.5
24A. ImperatoriRebellion Racing13R1416R112.5
24D. KraihamerRebellion Racing13R1416R112.5
24V. CapillaireSignatech AlpineR12R1111102.5
25A. HamiltonTeam SARD Morand10102
25D. AbtRebellion Racing13R14162
25N. HeidfeldRebellion Racing1416152
26C. CummingOAK Racing / Team SARD MorandR1312151.5
27Z. AmbergTeam SARD Morand10R1
28M. TuscherRebellion RacingR110.5
28D. BrabhamExtreme Speed Motorsports110.5
29A. BuncombeNissan MotorsportsNC0
29C. KlienTeam ByKollesRR0
29H. TincknellNissan MotorsportsNC0
29J. MardenboroughNissan MotorsportsR0
29K. EstreOAK RacingR0
29L. VanthoorOAK RacingR0
29L. OrdoñezNissan MotorsportsR0
29M. KrummNissan MotorsportsNC0
29O. PlaNissan MotorsportsR0
29T. MonteiroTeam ByKollesEX0
29T. MatsudaNissan MotorsportsR0
29V. LiuzziTeam ByKollesRR0
29M. ChiltonNissan MotorsportsR0
29M. ShulzhitskiyNissan MotorsportsR0

Sébastien Buemi and Anthony Davidson secured their first ever FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Championship, and the first for Toyota, after a commanding season in the TS040 Hybrid in which they only once finished outside of the podium. Porsche recorded their maiden WEC victory in the 919 Hybrid at the final round of the season, the 6 Hours of São Paulo.

1S. BuemiToyota Racing1133p1p1102166
1A. DavidsonToyota Racing1133p1p1102166
2A. LottererAudi Sport Team JoestR5116445127
2M. FässlerAudi Sport Team JoestR5116445127
2B TréluyerAudi Sport Team JoestR5116445127
3M. LiebPorsche TeamR4p5443p2p1117
3R. DumasPorsche TeamR4p5443p2p1117
3N. JaniPorsche TeamR4p5443p2p1117
4L. di GrassiAudi Sport Team JoestR2225553117
4T. KristensenAudi Sport Team JoestR2225553117
5A. WurzToyota Racing2p3Rp62214116
5S. SarrazinToyota Racing2p3Rp62214116
6N. LapierreToyota Racing1133p96
7L. DuvalAudi Sport Team JoestR2WD2555381
8K. NakajimaToyota Racing2p3Rp2271
9T. BernhardPorsche Team312NC5363Rp64,5
9M. WebberPorsche Team312NC5363Rp64,5
9B. HartleyPorsche Team312NC5363Rp64,5
10M. BecheRebellion Racing47471277864,5
10N. ProstRebellion Racing47471277864,5
10N. HeidfeldRebellion Racing47471277864,5
11M. ConwayToyota Racing61445
12M. GenéAudi Sport Team Joest236
13M. HowsonKCMG69R88R8630
13R. BradleyKCMG69R88R8630
14S. ZlobinSMP Racing71169910R929,5
15J. CanalG-Drive Racing58R107911R23,5
15O. PlaG-Drive Racing58R107911R23,5
15R. RusinovG-Drive Racing58R107911R23,5
16A. LadyginSMP RacingR106NC11119R20
17A. BelicchiRebellion RacingRRRNC1086719
17D. KraihamerRebellion RacingRRRNC1086719
17F. LeimerRebellion RacingRRRNC1086719
18A. ImperatoriKCMG9R8R8618
19M. SaloSMP Racing616
20M. MedianiSMP Racing711R9910R913,5
20N. MinassianSMP Racing711R9910R913,5
21T. MatsudaKCMG6812
22F. AlbuquerqueAudi Sport Team Joest6R8
22M. BonanomiAudi Sport Team Joest6R8
23K. LadyginSMP RacingR10RNC11119R4
23V. ShaitarSMP RacingR10RNC11119R4
24L. AuerLotus1112R1
25C. BouchutLotus11NC0,5
25J. RossiterLotus11NC0,5
25P. KafferLotusNC12RR0,5
26O. JarvisAudi Sport Team JoestR0
26N. BerthonLotusR0
26S. TrummerLotusR0

Audi trio Allan McNish, Loic Duval and Tom Kristensen won the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Championship. This marked McNish’s swansong, with the Scot retiring from driving at the end of the 2013 season.

1T. KristensenAudi Sport Team Joest121p21p23DNF162
1A. McNishAudi Sport Team Joest121p21p23DNF162
1L. DuvalAudi Sport Team Joest121p21p23DNF162
2A. LottererAudi Sport Team Joest21p51p312p12149,25
2B. TréluyerAudi Sport Team Joest21p51p312p12149,25
3M. FässlerAudi Sport Team Joest21p51p312p1DNF131,25
4S. BuemiToyota Racing342DNF213DNF1106,25
4A. DavidsonToyota Racing342DNF213DNF1106,25
4S. SarrazinToyota Racing342DNF213DNF1106,25
5N. LapierreToyota Racing4pDNF412pDNFp69,5
5A. WurzToyota Racing4pDNF412pDNFp69,5
6M. BecheRebellion Racing66133434DNF63,5
7N. ProstRebellion Racing5512344DNF60
8M. ConwayG-Drive Racing1211EX4555353
8J. MartinG-Drive Racing1211EX4555353
8R. RusinovG-Drive Racing1211EX4555353
9N. HeidfeldRebellion Racing55123448
10A. BrundleOAK Racing8p9891066446
10D. Heinemeier-HanssonOAK Racing8p9891066446
10O. PlaOAK Racing8p9891066446
11L. di GrassiAudi Sport Team Joest3345
11M. GenéAudi Sport Team Joest3345
11O. JarvisAudi Sport Team Joest3345
12B. BaguetteOAK Racing1010751147644,5
12R. GonzálezOAK Racing1010751147644,5
12M. PlowmanOAK Racing1010751147644,5
13K. NakajimaToyota RacingDNF41DNFp37,5
14A. BelicchiRebellion Racing661334DNF36,5
15L. Perez CompancPecom Racing9810668DNF928
15N. MinassianPecom Racing9810668DNF928
15P. KafferPecom Racing9810668DNF928
16C. ChengRebellion Racing / OAK Racing661310724
17N. LeventisStrakka RacingDNF7622
17D. WattsStrakka RacingDNF7622
17J. KaneStrakka RacingDNF7622
18N. JaniRebellion Racing551221
19T. GravesDelta-ADR7DNFpDNFDNF87820
20B. WirdheimGreaves Motorsport79518
21J. WalkerDelta-ADR7DNFpDNF8716
22L. di GrassiAudi Sport Team Joest315
22O. JarvisAudi Sport Team Joest315
22M. GenéAudi Sport Team Joest315
23J. NicoletOAK Racing1312DNF8121010713
24K. IharaGulf Racing Middle East / OAK Racing15DNF81010712
25W. ReipGreaves Motorsport510
25J. LancasterGreaves Motorsport510
26T. HolzerLotusDNF13DNFDNF7911DNF8
26D. KraihamerLotusDNF13DNFDNF7911DNF8
26J. CharouzLotusDNF13DNFDNF7911DNF8
26C. ZugelGreaves Motorsport798
26R. KerrDelta-ADRDNF888
26C. DolbyDelta-ADR888
27A. PizzoniaDelta-ADR7DNFp6
27S. NakanoDelta-ADRDNF76
27G. JeannetteGreaves Motorsport76
28J.M. MerlinOAK Racing1312DNF8125,5
29F. GiroixGulf Racing Middle East / Delta-ADR15DNF84,5
30M. KrummGreaves Motorsport94
30J. MardenboroughGreaves Motorsport94
30L. OrdóñezGreaves Motorsport94
30R. JuncoDelta-ADR84
31T. Kimber-SmithGreaves Motorsport11DNS1193,5
32E. LuxGreaves Motorsport1193
33C. DysonGreaves Motorsport11DNS92,5
34M. ShulzhitskyGreaves Motorsport92
35A. RossiGreaves Motorsport111
36V. LiuzziLotusDNF14DNS11DNFDNS0,75
36J. RossiterLotus14DNFDNS110,75
37M. MarsalGreaves Motorsport11DNS0,5
37F. FatienGulf Racing Middle East150,5
37E. MarisOAK Racing120,5
38C. BouchutLotusDNFDNFDNFDNF0
38P. MondolotOAK RacingDNF0
38A. HamiltonDelta-ADRDNF0
38P. HaezebrouckGulf Racing Middle EastDNF0
38L. AuerLotusDNS0

André Lotterer, Benoît Tréluyer and Marcel Fässler took the inaugural FIA World Endurance Drivers‘ Championship after only failing to finish on the podium in the first race of the season. Toyota Racing drivers Alex Wurz and Nicolas Lapierre finished a respectable third in the championship in the brand-new TS030 Hybrid after three victories in the second half of the season.

1A. LottererAudi Sport Team Joest11p21p1p2123172.5
1B. TréluyerAudi Sport Team Joest11p21p1p2123172.5
1M. FässlerAudi Sport Team Joest11p21p1p2123172.5
2A. McNishAudi Sport Team Joest13p2332p32159
2T. KristensenAudi Sport Team Joest13p2332p32159
3A. WurzToyota RacingDNF21pDNF1p1p96
3N. LapierreToyota RacingDNF21pDNF1p1p96
4N. ProstRebellion Racing17436444DNF86.5
4N. JaniRebellion Racing17436444DNF86.5
5R. CapelloAudi Sport Team Joest13p277
6R. DumasAudi Sport Team Joest21467
6L. DuvalAudi Sport Team Joest21467
7N. LeventisStrakka Racing86225536664
7J. KaneStrakka Racing86225536664
7D. WattsStrakka Racing86225536664
8H. PrimatRebellion Racing19594657462.5
8A. BelicchiRebellion Racing19594657462.5
9E. PotolicchioStarworks Motorsport32969p7p8p9p853.5
10P. DumbreckJRM129579DNF5550.5
10D. BrabhamJRM129579DNF5550.5
10K. ChandhokJRM129579DNF5550.5
11M. GenéAudi Sport Team Joest1449
12R. DalzielStarworks Motorsport32969p7p9p848.5
13K. NakajimaToyota RacingDNF21p44
14N. HeidfeldRebellion Racing174342.5
15S. SarrazinStarworks Motorsport / Toyota Racing329DNF9p7p8p9p837.5
16P. KafferPecom Racing62071186111034.5
16L. Pérez CompancPecom Racing62071186111034.5
17T. GravesADR-Delta97p11p812208726
17J. MartinADR-Delta97p11p812208726
18S. AyariPecom Racing62071121
18T. Kimber-SmithStarworks Motorsport68p21
19O. PlaOAK Racing4p13DNF13101110918.5
19J. NicoletOAK Racing4p13DNF13101110918.5
20T. BernhardAudi Sport Team Joest218
21L. di GrassiAudi Sport Team Joest315
22N. MinassianPescarolo Team / Pecom Racing11DNF86111014
23C. ChengRebellion Racing412
24P. RaguesSignatech-Nissan258101410EX1311.5
24N. PanciaticiSignatech-Nissan258101410EX1311.5
24R. RusinovSignatech-Nissan258101410EX1311.5
25E. JulianGreaves Motorsport71210171112141511
25C. ZugelGreaves Motorsport71210171112141511
26Ri. GonzalezGreaves Motorsport712101712141510.5
27E. CollardPescarolo Team5DNF10
27J-C. BoullionPescarolo Team5DNS10
27J. JoussePescarolo Team510
28R. KerrADR-Delta97p9
29O. LombardSignatech-NissanDNF2814DNFDNF715118.5
29J. TressonSignatech-NissanDNF2814DNFDNF715118.5
30F. MaillieuxSignatech-NissanDNF28*14DNFDNF715118
31J. CharouzADR-Delta / Lotus11p812DNFp7.5
32D. TurnerAston Martin Racing18DNF171917p14p1916p7
32S. MückeAston Martin Racing18DNF171917p14p1916p7
33M. BecheADR-Delta76
34M. LahayeOAK Racing4p*13DNF1310111095.5
34D. Heinemeier-HanssonOAK Racing812145.5
34M. LiebTeam Felbermayr-Proton1414DNF23p181517p175.5
34R. LietzTeam Felbermayr-Proton1414DNF23p181517p175.5
34P. RubertiTeam Felbermayr-Proton1519DNF21p20172320p5.5
34G. RodaTeam Felbermayr-Proton1519DNF21p20172320p5.5
34C. RiedTeam Felbermayr-Proton1519DNF21p20172320p5.5
35B. LeindersOAK Racing8125
35J-P. BellocLarbre Compétition16DNF2125212224p235
35P. GibonLarbre Compétition162125212224p235
35C. BourretLarbre Compétition16DNF2125212224p235
36J. BleekemolenRebellion Racing1994.5
36J. CamathiasJWA-Avila24262426232325244.5
36J. RossiterLotus24DNF13912DNFp4.5
36K. WeedaLotus24DNF13912DNFp4.5
37S. NakanoADR-Delta84
37A. BertoliniAF Corse131719DNF191620184
37O. BerettaAF Corse131719DNF191620184
37P. DanielsJWA-Avila262426232325244
37N. JönssonKrohn Racing23272022DNF1922214
37T. KrohnKrohn Racing23272022DNF1922214
37M. RugoloKrohn Racing23272022DNF1922214
37G. BruniAF CorseEXp15151816184
38G. FisichellaAF CorseEX1515181613183.5
38P. BornhauserLarbre Compétition202218EXEX2121193.5
38J. CanalLarbre Compétition202218EXEX2121193.5
38R. Águas AF Corse-Waltrip212318p223.5
38R. KauffmanAF Corse-Waltrip212318p223.5
38F. MakowieckiLuxury RacingDNF16p16p3.5
38J. MeloLuxury RacingDNF16p16p3.5
38P. EhretLuxury RacingDNSp23pDNFp3.5
39F. GiroixGulf Racing Middle East2210DNF1524DNF133
39M. CiociAF Corse13211920223
39M. PalttalaJWA-Avila24262426233
39V. LiuzziLotusDNF139123
39D. FarnbacherLuxury RacingDNSp16p3
40P. LamyLarbre Compétition201821192.5
40T. VilanderAF CorseEXp15132.5
40B. VickersAF Corse-Waltrip2318p2.5
40G. JeannetteLuxury Racing23pDNFp2.5
40F. MontecalvoLuxury Racing23pDNFp2.5
41D. KraihamerOAK Racing25DNFDNF14DNFDNF16142
41B. BaguetteOAK Racing25DNF14DNFDNF16142
41L. MoroLotus1024DNF15DNF2
41K. IharaGulf Racing Middle East18DNF1524DNF132
41J-D. DélétrazGulf Racing Middle East18DNF1524DNF132
41A. FernándezAston Martin Racing18DNF17192
42A. BrundleGreaves Motorsport / OAK Racing1312DNFDNF1.5
42M. BrundleGreaves Motorsport13121.5
42L. OrdoñezGreaves Motorsport13121.5
42M. JousseGulf Racing Middle East22101.5
42S. JohanssonGulf Racing Middle East2210DNF1.5
42T. HolzerLotusDNFDNF1615DNFDNF121.5
42M. SchultisLotusDNFDNF1615DNF121.5
42F. LongoAF Corse-Waltrip22p1.5
42X. NegrãoAF Corse-Waltrip22p1.5
42E. BernoldiAF Corse-Waltrip22p1.5
43T. SatoOAK Racing16141
43M. MartinOAK Racing121
43F. ReesLarbre Compétition22EXEX211
43P. PerazziniAF Corse-Waltrip / AF Corse21DNF201
43M. GriffinAF Corse-Waltrip / AF Corse21DNF201
43F. JakubowskiLuxury RacingDNSp1
44G. MoreauOAK Racing25DNF0.5
44C. AlbersLotus160.5
44P. PiletTeam Felbermayr-Proton140.5
44B. BinnieJWA-Avila240.5
44B. SimonsenJWA-Avila230.5
44Ke. KobayashiJWA-Avila250.5
44M. BellJWA-Avila240.5
44M. WaltripAF Corse-Waltrip210.5
44S. BourdaisPescarolo Team11DNF0.5
44Ro. GonzálezGreaves Motorsport110.5
44S. HallPescarolo Team / Aston Martin RacingDNF240.5
44R. GoetheAston Martin Racing240.5
45F. Montagny OAK RacingDNF0
45S. AraPescarolo TeamDNF0
45L. BadeyGulf Racing Middle EastDNF0
45M. RostanGulf Racing Middle EastDNF0
45R. van der ZandeLotusDNF0
45J.-K. VernayLuxury RacingDNF0
45W. HenzlerTeam Felbermayr-ProtonDNF0
45N. CadelAF CorseDNF0
45A. HowardAston Martin RacingDNF0
45J. AdamAston Martin RacingDNF0
45P. WhiteAston Martin RacingDNF0
45A .DavidsonToyota RacingDNF0
45S. BuemiToyota RacingDNF0
45A. SimonsenAston Martin RacingDNF0
45K. PoulsenAston Martin RacingDNF0
45C. NygaardAston Martin RacingDNF0


p = Pole Position
DNF = Rennen nicht beendet
DSQ = Disqualifiziert
DNS = Rennen nicht gestartet
EX = Vom Rennen ausgeschlossen
WD = Fahrzeug vom Rennen zurückgezogen